Bringing Brilliant Minds to you


Brilliant Minds briefings are offered to selected clients, contacts and partners of DS Smith, UK Packaging, on a periodic basis and cover a range of topics which we believe will be relevant to you (beyond our usual core focus with clients).

We’ve teamed up with strategic partners Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd and to bring you the Brilliant Minds briefings, featuring a wide range of leading experts, high-profile sportspeople, business leaders, academics and commentators sharing their expertise on topics such as innovation, peak performance, high pressure decision making and more.  These partners specialise in bringing together outstanding examples of brilliant minds, for unique and memorable real world events and to create powerful digital tools to support their clients’ business objectives, in the UK and beyond.

All Brilliant Minds briefings are short, punchy and delivered via video, and can be viewed on most smartphones, tablets or computers, and are delivered by fast, proven content delivery systems.  We welcome you to view the Brilliant Minds content as often as you like, and to share them with your colleagues and friends.  This is first rate content which we’re sure you’ll find of value.

If you are interested in accessing this content for commercial purposes, please seek our permission via the Contact page.  You can also provide feedback, discuss any technical issues, or suggest a colleague/contact who should receive these briefings, by getting in touch.