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Sleep – the forgotten performance enhancer

Marginal gains / Wellbeing
24/7 technology and a drive for success can be great for business but not always so good for our health. We need to start remembering that rest is not the enemy. Our experts look at how getting a good night’s sleep and making time to switch off are actually the simplest ways to improve your [...]

Formula 1: Fast cars, innovation and teamwork

Elite performance / Innovation / Technology
Formula 1 is known for its speed, innovation and astonishing teamwork.  Pit teams are constantly strategising to further shorten what is already a lightening quick process; in the racing world practice makes perfect. But what if other industries strategised, practiced and innovated with the same level of intensity as the Formula 1 teams?

Don’t Stop Moving

Innovation / Technology
Evolving technology and consumer demands have completely reshaped product cycles. Innovation is no longer a stage in a project but an incremental task. As discussed in these videos, there is no time for resting on laurels, businesses should always be questioning what their consumers want and whether their systems are working.

Bringing perspective to your business

Successful businesses are realising that transformation is a constant process. Change is inevitable. Even in an established company, a fresh idea can push performance higher because there is no end point to development. Our experts discuss working with new people, challenging your way of thinking, and finding inspiration that works for you.